Well, it seems that God has provided for us a shotcrete  machine (something that will force the cement onto the walls – kinda like a fire hose). The cost has yet to come in but with many of our IMG_2206-07-02-17-06-48people either down or feeling not up to pare, this machine will help to keep the job on track.  Randy, Pastor Chamah and Al deep in discussion…..



So in preparation for locking it up every night into the container, Cathy has been busy with sorting out the  American text books that are 20-25 years old and filled up colouring books. 



This is right up her alley as Cathy loves to clean, organize things and get rid of what is not needed, relevant or useful.  Mrs. Chamah is, I’m sure, wanting to make sure that nothing of value is being tossed but there is so much that is not useful.  They are talking about having a big bonfire before Craig leaves!



But in the meantime, we are mixing cement with two cement mixers – though using only one at a time because it always seems that when one is working the other is down for repair and vice versa.  This is keeping Seth and Tony (both electricians, Seth from Manitoba & Tony from Kisumu) busy.  Seth has also had to download a antivirus as the Administrator’s computer has a virus on it. 

But on the up side, the rains have started – maybe a bit earlier than we had wanted or anticipated but itIMG_2086-28-01-17-08-38 clearly does make a nice change in the air – reducing the dust.  This is looking from Bethel Home out over the soccer field. The pile of sand is for the cement. Everything is very dry.

Please continue to pray for the help and safety of the team there. Craig is leaving this weekend and Curtis, Sharayah and Philip arrive today.  Fresh blood for those mosquitoes! And fresh energy for the team!















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