Sponsor a Child / Support a Family …

In  Kenya there are truly thousands of children who are have lost one or both parents. Some of these children are lucky enough to be invited to live with  caring family members but many are taken advantage of, even by their relatives.  Some young children are simply abandoned by parents, left to be rounded up by the police and taken to the remand centre where they will stay.

Children needing support

These are the current children that require sponsorship. Some will come into Bethel Home.  Others  will be Community Based (CB) and remain with their families. We will provide their meals during school, their education, clothing, and medication attention whether they are sponsored yet or not.

See who needs you as part of their family

How to sponsor a child

You can choose one of two ways:

1. You can choose a child that you want to actually sponsor. We will update you periodically  and, if you choose, you may write or email them.

2. You may wish to sponsor the family unit in general.  This is just as effective and we will consider a child “sponsored” equally this way.

We know that it takes about $50.00 (CDN) a month to pay for the needs of each child. The most important thing for you to know is that every penny that you give is spent on the needs of the children.  Our administrative costs are covered by one church’s donation.

The difference you can make in a child’s life is astronomical  and immediate – no matter the size of your gift and support.  It may mean the difference from sleeping on the ground to having a mattress and a warm blanket or it may be removing a child from a harsh environment where they are working, like a slave, for a little food that is given to them.  Compare that to an environment where they can learn and eat without fear of punishment. Where a child can get fed every day and not have to worry about food for the next day.  Where a child can get loved and treated with respect by adults who genuinely care for their well-being.  What is the price of that? It is priceless to those who receive such gifts.  So every dollar is thankfully received.

To initiate the process, please contact: board@bethelraysofhope.com

Educationally Needy Children:

When there in January-March 2017, after talking to the Director, Administrator and the teachers we came to realize that there are a number of parents who are wanting to have their children in school but because of the level of poverty they are struggling with “just living”.  So it was decided to try to find sponsors for children who come from  families but there the poverty level is so great that supplying food is a challenge.

With this in mind, we are offering people the opportunity to sponsor a child for $25.00 per month. This would include their tuition plus give them breakfast and a lunch meal. The parent/family would still be responsible for the other needs of the child.  This would only happen if the child continued to attend Bethel Christian Learning Centre.

They identified 50 children and so far we have over 1/2 of them sponsored. Would you consider doing something like this for one or who children?  $25.00 seems very little to us yet to these children it’s the means of education or no education.

Currently, with the high cost of food in Kenya just before the election that is expected to happen in August, the Administrator of the school said that he was sure that if the children were getting one meal a day at home they were lucky. That’s the level of poverty that we are talking about for these children today. Are you able to help out?


What can you expect from sponsoring?

When you support  a child  as part of a family unit, you are giving something that can change the life of a disadvantaged child.   They are given the opportunity to grow up healthy, loved and educated. Besides this you will be able to:

  • Correspond with the child in the family via emails
  • Receive a yearly update on their progress in school
  • Receive prayer concerns so that you can  prayer on their behalf
  • If you have the financial capability, you would have the opportunity to visit the family


See the lives you have  changed

because of your sponsorship


Sponsorship program

You can make an impact in a Kenyan child’s life causing them to be successful and mature citizens in the future.  Compare that to the prospect of them living on the streets and scavenging for food. We are committed to that child, once in our care, until they have completed some type of training and are able to achieve individual self-sustainability.

DSC00092Primary education (Grade 1-8) is not always affordable for the very poor as there are supplies, uniforms and extra school fees required. At Bethel, all children will receive primary education. When a child shows that they are capable to advance based on their grade marks we will  encourage them to move into high school education. If, however, a child is struggling academically we will find some type of trade that they would like to do and provide further training  in that area.  We are only responsible for the children until they are 18 years of age.  If, however, they have the ability to go on for further education, we will continue to support them with those costs.

DSC_2620 An application process is filled out by each child with their choice of trade or college training.  This is reviewed by the Trust Board and further by the Canadian Board. Some of our young adults have done very well and attended university.

Once they have received training  our financial obligation to them is finished, yet, as in all families, when a child leaves home they are always welcomed back to visit the family.  The young adults are encouraged to bring their girl/boy friends to visit with the Chamahs and have engagement counselling prior to marriage.

Various type of training

  • 2 yr   Masonry Certificate                             $   1000
  • 2 yr   Plumbing Certificate                            $   1050
  • 2 yr   Medical Lab Certificate                          $   1300
  • 2 yr   Secretarial Certificate                           $   1600
  • 3 yr   Accounting Diploma                             $   1200
  • 3 yr   Nursing Diploma                                  $   2950