Good morning all, as you can tell from the header what type of mood was set yesterday.

It was the perfect day for relaxation and “Children’s choice” on what they would like to do.
For morning devotions we did the parable of the Sower and the Seeds. We didn’t have any supplies for the flannelgraph part of it so we used a modern twist which went really well. While Rae was reading the story, Joskey played a slideshow he found on the internet full of pictures of each seed scenario. After Rae finished the story, Joskey led the children in a twenty minute discussion in Kiswahili. During the discussion he read Luke 8, then broke them into age groups and challenged the older kids to memorize the Old Testament books, and the younger children the
  • ¬†After lunch was when it became really relaxing, with the older kids we played the Cheerio activity because they didn’t get to yesterday.


  • After that activity was done theJoskey at games children had the choice to play football, skip rope or make bracelets inside with Jasmyn and Rae.


  • It is incredible how fast the kids learn, Rae had to figure out new patterns to teach the masters of bracelet making.
hands & braclets
Please continue, as always, to pray for patience and strength.
With all the love,
The Three Amigos.
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