Eriksdale Horse Show – Aug 2,2014

Rayla at horse show

Rayla at horse show

Jim & Sandy & the family flipped burgers, sold drinks and scandals – bringing in a $675.00 of revenue from the booth sales along with a couple of families that wanted to sponsor a child for the whole year. Thanks to the Eridsdale Horse Show for allowing us to have this opportunity to serve you and to be blessed by the proceeds.  And to the generous crowd up there that day.




To Canada Post who have been doing a 50/50 every pay period for several months


Many thanks to Craig who, after having been on the work site back early 2014 helping to build Bethel Home, later came home with a new view of the need over there in Kenya.

And to the many employees who have continued to play the 50/50 but in effect donate their money. Every penny goes to the supporting of these kids there.


Thank you to Dominic, Rachel & William – combined birthday party contributions – July 18/14

birthday party


Instead of gifts for themselves, these three kidos gave up their gifts and money and asked instead for the money to be collected for Bethel Children’s Home. It was a huge party gathering on July 18/14 and from that was raised $1,400.00.   Thank you to all those gathered for that birthday celebration.  And a special thanks to Dominic, Rachel & William for being so generous.



 New Life Church Sunday School Picnic  – June 22

MORE HOT DOGS!!  Wow, we served 250 people hot dogs, salads, chips & ice cream cones.  When all was finished, we received $1,115.00 towards the orphanage. Combined with games & races for the kids and the inflatable thingy, everyone had a great time!


Huge Garage Sale – May 11,2013

When we started  bringing things to New Life Church, we couldn’t believe just how much “stuff” we had. Thanks to the many men and women who totally helped us with sorting, carrying, selling and then loading back up to send the remainder of the “unsold” to the goodwill. It was a great day with Emmanuel (Kevin) walking around sharing the mandazis that were fresh from the kitchen.  At the end of a very long and tiring couple of days work, we were shocked to see that we had raised  $3,372.85 !!  Who would have thought that we would have received that much. Thank you to all who donated their goods and to those who came to shop for “gently used” items.



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