Sorry for not having keep up this week with the posting but computer and travel difficulties caused a bit of a bump inIMG_2161-03-02-17-10-04 the road. However, the work keep right on moving ahead.  So  by Friday, they had already installed many of the ceiling supports needed for supporting the 2nd floor for working on it now & for when it is poured.  


IMG_2154-03-02-17-12-58Janet was replaced by her competent assistant – Cathy with Robyn helping her out with the cooking.

Jeff has now left after several days of interviewing and taking movie imageshots everywhere. He’s returning home with lots of footage to go over 




Squaring up the building and making sure that all the wires are tied properly is a big job but one that has been learnt from before so even that went easier. We have found out that there are actually two cement throwing machines in the city of Kisumu. One guy is not wanting to rent it out so we are trying the second person. Pray that we would be able to use one of these machines.  This would cut our work down by 1/2 – 3/4 of the time.

IMG_2168-04-02-17-02-25Saturday is one of the main wash days and you will see all the children out there washing their clothes. Robyn and Sara joined the group and were helping the smaller kids with their wash. They will have a renewed sense of appreciation for everyday household appliances – like washing machines and dishwashers that we have here. 


On Friday, after school, the children  carried the little pile of IMG_2176-04-02-17-02-33 (1)gravel down to the classrooms and put it on the floor of most of the rooms. IMG_2172-04-02-17-02-29We are hoping that, if there is money left over from the building of the home, then we might be able to pour a thin concrete floor to get rid of the dust problem. 

Oh dear, Craig was caught napping on one of the teacher’s desks in a classroom.  He may be in trouble with the teacher on Monday!







Here Sara is having her hair worked on – not sure if they are doing braids or just combing her hair.  Our hair is so very different that they love to touch it. So don’t be surprised when someone (like maybe Jeff) comes up and touches your hair!  What a great way to relax at the end of the work day!?

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