Remember the meal last night that we had the  fish – well, Jack took a picture of it.  The only thing he forgot to tell us was it was his birthday but we found out today and gave him a hamburger/pasta meal which he was pleased with tonight.

Here’s a picture of the group of us. Most of these men come every day to our site. We are learning their names: Eric, Victor, Evans, Eric, Pierce, Jerome, Benard, John, and then there is Robert who is managing the men for us.   Robert is 63 years old and a former mechanic who can keep up with the young guys.

You know the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans”?  Well, we had hoped to skip one step of the local custom of doing the cement for the floor. They have 3 applications: the first one is placing the concrete and where we would naturally trowel to a smooth finish, they, the next day, will add another layer of just sand and cement that is about 2″ thick.  We settled to only do 1″ thick and the process began. About 1/2 way done, we then had to add the final skim coat of water and cement!  Randy was really wishing he had his tools to have elimated these steps but

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