You know that some days just start of on the wrong foot – well today was one of those days – that’s why this is late in coming to you…..

6:30 am, we are up and getting breakfast to find that the only propane/gas burner we have has run out of propane and we have not just our team (9) but also the other men (8) to prepare breakfast & tea for.  We had the propane by 7;15 and just made bread and jam sandwiches for all to eat.

Then we started working and the inside cement was finished and they finished two of the exterior walls by the end of the day.

However, the rainy season has hit us and now we are having rain sometimes during the day and every night it seems.  So the sand that was to be delivered on Saturday or Monday…. finally came on Thursday and when he was backing up to “dump” the sand (which you still have to 1/2 shovel off before it can actually be lifted) he backed off the road into a little drainage ditch alongside so….  yep – it was off loaded there!

They were telling us we would be responsible for having the truck pulled out but Mrs. Chamah set them straight on that!!! and finally another truck came along to pull it out.  But we needed more bags of cement in the meantime so – you can guess where it was dropped – at the gate here before this truck.  So then we had 30 bags of cement to wheelbarrow to the house.   Tomorrow we will have to bring it all to the mixer – yep, by wheelbarrow!

For supper, we served fish (tilapia) and we all crowded into the little house and sat while it rained.  We now find ourselves working in the mud where it has been disturbed – which is in most places.  And just so that I leave the “best” news to last, Pastor Chamah said that now the misquotes will be coming out in full force!!  Last night we had the flying termites in the house that are the edible type – we passed!!  Sorry Emmanuel no one was takers!

Will keep you posted.


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