It’s 7:45 pm and we are sitting in the metal house with the rain coming down so hard we can not hear each other talk unless we are yelling.  And I do mean yelling!!!! It sounds like hail but no one is going to open the door and look outside!  We all need to shower but not in this kind of  weather (it’s an open to the sky shower!)  So we know that tomorrow will be a very wet day!

Today was just another regualar work day. A delivery truck got stuck delivering the ceiling board but it was all hands on deck and they managed to push him out. They just spin the tires here – just gunning it!

I painted it with a acrylic  paint but it dries so fast in the sun that I was having to add water (like the pail suggested) to keep working it.

this is the  local “delivery truck” that delivered the 2×4’s and the fascia boards.  The truck that brought the stair material tonight made it before the  rain storm and came right up to the front door of the new house.  The driver keep saying,  “This is Africa!” as he took the lumber out of the guys hands and carried it into the house.