While waiting for the truck to arrive, I stood down by the little “village” that is about a 5 minute walk from our place.  This little guy could hardly walk – he must be 18 months or so and he was just wandering  further away from home when some other mama came and sent him back home with a little stick applied to his bottom. He just turned and went back home. No complaining. I get the general idea that they all take care of each other in this grouping.

Finally the truck arrived but due to the lack of good roads and the rain from the previous day, he got stuck so we had to off load the truck in the village area and carry all the materials.  We enlisted 10 people from the community that were prepared to work. There was a bit of a bargaining as to what was a wage but we soon settled and the work began.  Our guys joined in so we had lots of help but had a full tractor-trailer full to the very back to off load!


The panels were carried six high on poles by 4 guys and of the 10 people we hired, 3 of them were women. Here are two women carrying the wire on top of their heads. But they also carried a 20 L pails of paint! They worked just as hard as the men.  They enjoyed the sight of white people working along side them.

By the end of the day we had things placed around the camp and the guys had make the rebars for the footings and poured all 12 footings. They had to stay a little late but all was done. I could hear them laughing and joking as they worked.   It is really good to have a such a good team. We are getting to know them and they us as we work with mostly the same guys each day.  Bed looked real good that night!


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