Last night 2 men climbed over the fence and attached our guard. He prevailed against them though was beaten himself.  It is thought that the new company was looking for a reason to tell us that we should have a 2nd nighttime guard.  As Mrs. Chamah talked with the guard and the security company she noted several inconsistent answers and said, “This is Kenya. Everyone needs to do more business.”  IMG_2073-25-01-17-09-10IMG_2069-25-01-17-09-10IMG_2074-25-01-17-09-08

Today began with removing the wooden forms carefully and then carrying the “hard core” rocks in to fill up the void space to the height of the beam. (These are the very large rocks that had been chipped off last week and they are heavy!)

Some of our other girls working here are Janet and Sara. 

Janet is our fabulous cook!  She can conjure up almost anything and make beans and bannock taste wonderful!IMG_2067-25-01-17-09-11 IMG_2068-25-01-17-09-10

Sara is working with the window frames and doing a great job.






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