Carol 2015


Branish 2015 (2)



Meet Carol & Branish (aka Cutie)  who are in Grade 4 and have become fast friends. They love to wash clothes and discuss things together!  Both wish to become nurses when older.

Branish is the Head Girl at the school this term assisting the teachers and the students.  She assists the teachers, movates the students to get their homework done, and reporting any incidentes that might occur.

Branish has been with the orphanage since she was 5 having been abandoned by her parents. Carol, on the other hand, has newly joined the orphanage at the beginning of Oct but feels like she’s been here for ” two years maybe” She is here with her two brothers, Job Moses(8) & George (12)

When asked if they liked living here they both said that they were happy and broke out in big smiles.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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