After 2 very long days of travel and delays in our flights. we finally arrived at the Nairobi airport, Tuesday evening IMG_2115just after 10:30 pm.   By the time we had processed our luggage though the Kenyan customs and paid for the new items that we were bringing in it was almost 11:30.  Just think of 10 people arriving with 40 pcs of luggage, most of it loaded down with supplies for either building, tools, school books or clothes for the children with few of our own personal items. 

So we took a picture of the luggage and to give you an idea of the total, one of our group agreed to jump on top of it all.  Thanks Al!

IMG_2110Pastor Chamah met us a the airport in Nairobi. By the time some of our team got to bed that night they only had about 4 hours of sleep before leaving on a safari the next morning. They will arrive on Friday at Bethel to begin their work.  We are so thankful for each and every person and the talents that each bring to Bethel.




IMG_2116On Wednesday Randy, Joan and Sara boarded another plane (our first flight had been IMG_2120cancelled due to mechanical issues) and we landed in the middle of the afternoon, tired and needing to sleep.  Thursday was staking out the new building,  Realizing that the water line that had been installed in  2012 was going to about 1 foot under the foundation of the new building so digging and trenching was required.  If only we had known at that time! 

Here is Felix digging and Tony was there to help out as well.  Felix is in college next week to finish his final year at engineering. 


And school reopened. Here are the closing moments of today’s lessons. (The smaller children are in the front.)  But the administration also conducted and hired two new teachers today.  We have a really great bunch of dedicated teachers who are willing to work with the poor and needy children in the slum areas here in Kisumu. 

Pray that God will continue to bless the good efforts of the teachers as many of the children who have come for 2 years that the school has been open have drastically increased their knowledge and class standing as revealed by their exam results.  One boy, Stephan, actually had 100% on his Math exam!  I think there is a future for him somewhere!

Talk to you tomorrow….     Joan

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