Our morning started at 5:3o preparing for the morning breakfast and getting things ready for starting work at 7am.  We had Victor, one of our workers do the morning devotions. He is finished his Grade 12 and waiting for his exam marks to come. He is an excellent worker on the job site putting in all he has.

We started out with 3 piles of sand and gravel and then added the cement –  and the day began…..  By 8 we were getting concrete to the pad.

Randy’s nephews have arrived and are great at helping out – even if we are having  a little rest time getting over the jet-lag.   Brad helped putting in the plumbing pipes.

By 3:30 we were finished the job!  A long day of hand troweling.  We have prayed that the mixture is strengthened by the Lord and the foundation will be strong. (because of the  different way that they do things here).  Pastor Chamah’s mother brought us a treat of 3 fresh tilapia fish deep fried. We really enjoyed it – but only Sieg& Randy came partly close to eating the head. (Sorry Emmanuel)

It is really nice to be out of the ground and are already looking forward to putting up the walls.  We had 12 men helping us with the mixing and the wheel barrowing, etc. which we paid 500/=  (about $8.00).  It was a great day of working together.  Thank you to those who prayed for us today. Things went very well.

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