Hi there folks, As you can see we are still putting up  wall panels – today we put in window openings so it looks more like a home. Brad on the roof and Zach on the ladder are in the office getting things straightened out. Here you see the back porch area where the orange sewer pipe is. The guys have moved the mud (again!) so that we can join it to the latrine. Where the guys are standing on the right side, is where they are starting to dig the pit for the grey water. Zach and Jack (and that’s a tongue twister when you call them for meals!) again enjoying the shade of the office!   Randy get to the local lumber yard this morning and purchased real 2″ x 10″ lumber to build the support beam for the dining area. He put the beam together with 4 of them. They were carried on a cart that was pushed by 3 men and then unloaded.  That transport cost us 350/= (shillings) which is about $4.50 Cdn. By the time these guys had gotten here and unloaded the lumber, the sweat was just pouring off them.

INTERESTING THINGS I HAVE LEARNED: I have learned a very minor thing to most but really important for me (Joan). You need to always keep a sheet on both your feet and hands and arms the whole night so that you are not bit in the morning.  I would start off fine at the beginning of the night but by the morning I have bites on my hands and arms so now it’s all under the covers you go – no matter how hot it is.  I have been told that the mosquitoes that bit are smaller than the regular and you don’t hear them. So I am thankful that I am taking malaria medication!   But, yes, they do bit on the face but this is a work site not an office so it doesn’t matter if it looks like Randy has hit me and my eye is swollen!

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