Wednesday, March 12th

So here we are putting into place the 2×4’s that we will use to attach the veranda  and also the scaffolding – which finally arrived – both from Diguna (a mission-training centre) and from the Chinese company that is doing the contract on building the highway right around us.  We gained 5 extra men from Diguna to help with the cement work and started working on the 2nd floor.

Here’s the scaffolding that we will use on the outside and there is different stuff to use on the inside.

Last night while eating supper in the dark outside someone noticed a huge butterfly. With some light it was beautiful!  It is a marvelous thing to see.  Now, this evening we have our first rain – a serious rain.  We are praying that the cement will stick to the walls that were done today.  Tony also showed up with 2 of the students that he is teaching electrical to – so that they will have practice to wire the house.  Now we are cooking for 8 additional men!  On a single propane stove!  My frig and stove will be something I will appreciate when I get back!  It’s been a busy day so – GOOD NIGHT TO ALL!!