Wednesday, March 26th

We said goodbye to Sieg and Jack as they caught the bus to Nairobi so that they will all leave (with Ursula) on Thursday evening. It’s much quieter here this evening for supper  – we are missing them already.

Today the roof FINALLY got put on. The guys worked until 7:30 pm (dark).  We had a “engineer of roofing” as designated by Victor and then, from his superior height, he said that this guy was the engineer of the latrine, and that guy was the engineer of picking the garbage up!!  There is always lots of talking and joking around as they shout to one another!

This is a picture of the back of the house and you can see the storm clouds coming in just over the hills. Here is the latrine’s – a girl’s and a boys section with 2 shower rooms for each. The brick work starts tomorrow.

Here is Pastor Chamah planting bougainvillea  alone the fence line –  This will become our privacy. You can see that the people have worn a new path down on the opposite side of the fence  – in the neighbours land.  They used to just walk though our property until it was fenced.

As I was painting the fascia today, I realized that I don’t think I had mentioned that Dave, Randy and myself have postponed our return until next week.  We will leave Tuesday afternoon to fly out to Nairobi and leave Nairobi at 8am   We  are working hard to complete things. You will be kept updated as we go along.  Talk to you soon.

Now a word from Sheila

Its by Gods grace that we have reached this far,his blessings endures has been so much fun  being  around and helping especially in kitchen. I liked my work in the kitchen ,but what took me long to get to know how to prepare was the mandazis ,where for a couple of days almost everyone would complain that the mandazis were not done inside.Despite  getting burns for the very first days while making them I was determined to learn and be eighty one percent perfect  and guess what I eventually came to learn how to make them even without getting burns. I am so happy to spend my days here helping as I wait for my admission letter for the may intake at the university, to go and take bachelor of arts education.

It has been so good  getting to meet other new friends like Craig always the winner and right because he is a pastors son, Jack’s a friend who doesn’t talk much, Dave’s    a friend whose always there and helps us to close the gate at night and sometimes Jack.   Zack and Brad those are the new friends I have met, Joan is always there to correct me and show the right way to do things and remind me of Gods love not forgetting that she has been teaching me how to prepare some north Americans meals,.I guess if I come to Canada some day I will not have a problem with meals . Randy working always ,Uncle Siege always getting cuts but manages to say its nothing serious .I miss everyone who has gone,and we are only five remaining hahahahhaha and there is  no much work in the kitchen has been so much fun and may God bless you all,

JAIME VOUS TOUT  (Love you all)



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