Monday morning a group of 10 people left for Kenya to start the process of building the boys’s dorm. Loaded down img_1245with extra suitcases full of books, clothing and school supplies, we are about 1/2 way there. Just waiting for the last flight from Frankfurt to Nairobi.

But they have already started before we get there. The metal house that was built in 2012  or the older boys has now been disassembled and almost all materials were reused to build the next classroom for Grade 7

Nothing went to waste as they reused the metal sheets, poles and even made a blackboard from one of the boards that separated the interior. 











One of the first things that will have to be done will be the moving of the storage container that has been emptied but, due to the flooding that has occurred from time to time, it may have sunk so that it may require some digging and pulling out as it sits where the boys dorm will be situated.

The boys that were in the metal house are now sleeping on mattresses in the dining room and will be doing so until they are able to get into the new facility – hopefully by the middle off March. 

Most of the group will start out doing a 2 day safari to Masa Mari from Nairobi and arriving at Kisumu on Friday. They will have some great pictures of the wild life! 

We will attempt to keep you posted everyday on the events and things that we learn.  So keep us as a favorite on your computer or like us on Facebook.






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