A big welcome to the Robert & Laurie & Pam and Rick. They are a break from work while trying to get used to the Kenyan heat expect Rick was already taking his break overnight in the hospital – y e s, you guessed it –  sick…..  Please continue to pray for health issues. But Pam and Laurie were up and going at it painting the fascia boards for installation tomorrow.  By the way, Robert doesn’t have a beard – it’s a face mask!
 The rains are changing the landscape. Some of these weedy looking plants are producing big and beautiful brightly coloured flowers. 
Some of the areas the plastering is done. So now the walls have to be scraped and sanded in preparation for paint. 
David busy working on the stairs to the 2nd floor.  Things are happening!! David is building the stairs. He’s built most of the pieces on the ground, but has to assemble in place. 
The men showed up today and started digging (by hand) for the sewer line to connect up to the  treatment plant.
The have a quote for the solar panels and we are going ahead with one of the homes having solar power. This should really help with communication, lights and life in general.

 Educationally Needy kids    

 For $12.15 you can pay for a child like Hadijah to go to school. If you would like to support her, please write to treasurer@bethelraysofhope.com and we can provide you with more information.
 This is Hadijah and Mrs Chamah. Weekends at Bethel are filled with doing laundry, cleaning, church services, and soccer. Sunday afternoon Mrs Chamah had arranged “witnessing through games”,a soccer match between Bethel and community kids. It was a great game with Bethel winning the match. The game was attended by lots of spectators. After the game was done, Mrs Chamah had a short talk about being created in God’s image, they have value from God their creator,, so no one, no circumstance or situation can take away their value from them! The talk was cut short by a rapidly approaching storm. There was enough said to impact this little Muslim girl. When she went home after the game, she discussed her new knowledge with her Mom, and next morning she refused to go to her school, instead she insisted she go to Bethel’s school, where the Word of God is taught. So when they came for an interview with Mrs Chamah, the Mother said she never had a choice about being Muslim, so she wanted her daughter to be able to choose for her future without interference or hinderances. The father, who is also Muslim, released her to go to Bethel school, but refused to pay the school fees. A used uniform was available and someone from the team paid the first month school fees. So she is very excited as she started attending a love filled Christian school that very same day. Mrs. Chamah said this is the first inroad into the Muslim community. Please pray for Hadijah as she now has to face daily life as follower of God in a Muslim home.
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