So Pastor Rusty has just left early this morning for Kisumu. He will arrive in Nairobi Tuesday evening, be picked up at the airport and taken to the hotel and then leave the next morning for Kisumu.  Immediately he will be into a 3 day conference with the invited church leaders and elders there. His topics are walking humbly, forgiveness and reconciliation. Pray for him and that God would unify the church there.

One of the regular weekly events is a soccer game almost every Saturday.  Here Mrs. Chamah  is giving a talk after a soccer game. There were a bunch of community kids in attendance.  

While Robert & Laurie were scraping the “other” wall that needed painted on the existing home, Morgan and Rick are painting on the inside of the new boys dorm.  Morgan is like a sponge!  Just soaking up anything he can learn to do!




The verandah  was started and by the end of their Monday the rafters are up and the half walls were cemented today.  Next project –  installing the interior doors!





Cleaning up and getting things finished — Pastor Chamah is leading by example and the boys are working right along beside. They didn’t have to be asked but were anxious to help.







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