Sunday began with our attending  church service, followed by lots of the local people from the Ramba church coming over and checking our progress for the past week and  that the house is standing strong!

We had a meeting with a man who has started 5 “non-formal” schools – 3 of which are in Kisumu.  He is a godly man who has a mission and a heart for those children/youths who want an education but are not able to afford one. He spoke with great passion and knowledge and, if we decide to go forward with a school, he will assist us.  He currently has 760 students in the 3 schools.

Later we followed that up with going out to a restaurant for a meal of fried tilapia and French fries. It was the first time in a week that some of us had left the compound and it was nice to get out. The picture is the largest fish and there was some left overs – nothing was wasted as the leftovers were taken back for the children to enjoy. Believe me, there is only the bones left when they will be finished.

Across the lake is our Bethel Rays of Hope property and as the guys were looking, they noticed a couple of hippos in the water across the shore. Some wanted to rent the boat and go for a ride closer but Pastor Chamah said that they can be very dangerous if they had young hidden in the shore line and this was that time of the year.  Some other men were leaving for the night of fishing on the lake. The boat was full of fishing nets.



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