A new School floor 2

Hi, Jim here…. I hope I get this posted before the internet crashes again!

As soon as Sunday school was out the kids got to the project of the day. We had some extra loads of rock/clay dumped so that we could put in a new school floor. We all hope that this is a temporary school, but we make due with what we have and everyone is so very grateful for this wonderful school. And because the rains have held off we can now be sure that all the rooms with remain dry when the rains do come.

A new School floor 1

Even Pastor and Mrs Chamah were in on the fun.  Load after load after load, these kids do not stop. As I send this the children are carrying their desks back in to the new floor that has been packed hard then watered. It will dry like cement.

Thanks for the Ball !!!!!But there is ALWAYS time to play. Thanks to two families in Canada that send us with high quality soccer and volleyball’s. All the kids wanted to pose for a picture to say “THANK YOU”. Well, maybe not all of them. The others were in the large field busy in a game!

Dave the BarberDave the Barber!!  I don’t think he realized all the various things he would be doing when he arrived, but Dave is game to help in any way possible. And little Rael certainly enjoys the attention!

In closing I just wanted to apologise for not posting every day. The internet service here is spotty at best, and then the power goes out. But the funny thing is that only the Canadians notice. No one else cares! Because electricity and internet have no place in real life here. What a wonderful way to live!!!!



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