DavidDavid Nyakoko  was born into a family of six. Both his parents died when he was still young and he was brought up by his uncle who assisted David with the basics needs in his life.  But after Grade 8 he could not support him to join a high school and when the uncle returned to the country, David was accepted to Bethel.  He attended high school and later went on to complete his training in welding. We first met David back in 2007 when he was just finishing his training.

He lived at the Home until 2012 when he and two older boys moved to Ramba and the little metal house that was built on the land, staying there for awhile until he established himself in his own place.  He now has a full time job for a local business in Kisumu where he is valued for the quality of work that he does. It is David who has welded all the windows and doors for the Bethel Children’s Home back in  2014.  He is a young man who has been devoted in his walk with God and attending and working in his church. David's wedding 4David's wedding10

Rose makes the final touch up to David’s suit before the wedding that started out from Bethel. “Brother and sister” together as family.

Standing up with David as groomsmen were Tony, Billy, Derrick & Lucky-Jeff  (all part of the Bethel family). The younger children eagerly participated! Enjoy the pictures….

David's wedding7David's wedding9

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