Laughter, joy, excitement. Children playing free without a care in the world…

Wait a minute…… isn’t this an orphanage? A place were children end up because of their parents death, abandonment or just unable to feed themselves let alone a child…. Yes, it’s the same place.

back row= Jeff, Dinah, Brannish, Carolyne, JobMoses front = Maxwell, Pollet

back row=
Jeff, Dinah, Brannish, Carolyne, JobMoses
front = Maxwell, Pollet

Family, often know as a Mom, Dad and 1.5 children…… this family of 31 children, matrons, maintenance people and guards. And yet it truly is a tight family unit. Respectful and happy with each other.






20150317_163208And the school, typically a place of hallways, closed doors and rooms dedicated to a subject. Well this is the craziest contradiction of them all. If you have taken a critical look at our Learning Centre I don’t need to describe the differences. But don’t be fooled thinking the quality is lacking. The teachers are truly educated teachers, and the students are on par with anyone in their

grade across the country.

Inside looking out, no glass in these windows.

Inside looking out, no glass in these windows.

But I’m going to stop there because there is another huge contradiction that I must point out.

This place is a beacon of hope for this community, everyone sees this place as the wonderful environment it is, and they know that the future here is more than bright…. It’s amazing…. And people on facebook and internet see the house, the happy pictures, and it would be easy to assume that all is great…….

And yet………. We are running this place on a small handful of donations. Some donors are sponsoring children, but even though not all the children are sponsored we support everyone equally, we just spread the money very thin. And we continue to pray and thank the Lord for supplying what is needed each month. If you were a business person looking at the financial picture you would run….

This is a place where the response from prayer can be seen every day. And worry about tomorrow is non-existent, not because we are all naive……. Actually it’s the opposite, it’s because we believe!!!!!

I’m going to leave you with a list of what is in our future….

When that future happens it totally up to you.


  • To find sponsors for all the children
  • Build a boys Dormitory (Government regulations)
  • Add grade 6 to the school next year (build a classroom, add another teacher)
  • Build a permanent school building ( can’t keep adding on tin classrooms)
  • Upgrade toilet facilities

And some small items.

  • The several soccer balls I brought won’t last to the end of the year.
  • Volleyball net, tetherball, etc.
  • Additions to the library


If you choose to make a one time donation we ask that it not be designated to one need. We would appreciate having the ability to put your money to the priority before us.

It would be fantastic if you could sponsor a child. $50 per month covers all the child’s needs.

If you decide to take on a project, or a significant sponsor towards a project please contact our treasurer.

It’s easy to help us out. The website has a link to a donation page. Please check it out.

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