IMG_0744After school one day, the children followed Mrs. Chamah with empty paint cans in their hands.  I wondered what they were up to and grabbed the camera.

They were carrying mud back in their pails to fill the ruts in the road- a half hour project with many hands.  They are very willing workers!






Joskey 2015

the Kenyan salon

Meet Emily.  She is a 6 years old and in Final Class.  She is the youngest of 4 children.  Her father died in 2010 and her mother in 2011.  Her eldest sister was hired out to work in Nairobi to help support the family.  Her two other siblings are supported by another organization and Emily was brought to Bethel Home.  Emily is a gregarious little girl, always smiling and touching you at every opportunity.  Here are Emily and Michelle plaiting Joskey’s hair.

Sorry for the delay in sending this out yesterday, due to the internet not working properly.

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