Well, our team arrived back home safe and sound though pretty tired but happy to be back in Canada.

Seth and Robyn remain for a bit longer but will return at their scheduled times.  

Pastor Chamah as said that the boys are very happy to be in their new area.  And that the girls are jealous that they have such a nice new facility but they say “now the home is quieter because those boys were snoring so much!”  Who knows?  It might have been the men on our team!!!  A job well done by many people. 

The names of the two houses are Martha Hostel & Rusty Hostel. 

Most people will not know but Ursula Grafe is nicknamed Mama Martha so it is in her honor that the girls dorms is named after. And of course, Rusty Hostel is named after Pastor Rusty from New Life Church.  The Library in Sieg Grafe’s name has been moved into Rusty Hostel.   And life is getting back to some type of normal. You can tell that it’s the rainy season with the water sitting on the soccer field.


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