Meet Brian, one of our youngest carpenters to volunteer for the job of reconstructing the roof for the Martha Hostel (girls dorm) after the fire of 3 weeks ago.   He literally had to stand on top of the donated girls clothes that  had been received to pack them into the vacuum bags so that they would be able to get 50 lbs into each piece of luggage.  

After a very long flight and trying to find the Airport Police Station at the end of that flight so that he could recover Randy’s batteries for his tools (and not being successful because the guy who had the key was not on duty), he took a hotel for the night and arrived in Kisumu at 7:30am the next morning.  Tired, feeling sick and just exhausted.  But the one thing about youthfulness is that they bounce back faster than the older people!! So he started to assess the work to be done.  Here’s some of the pictures he sent…




 Looking at the top of the roof. 

And opening up the roof to start the work.







Looking inside and the plastic water tank that held the water in the house for it to gravity feed down to the showers, toilets  and kitchen area.

The lumber that was used back in 2014 was from very hardwood trees and that probably saved it from burning so easily.  






As of the end of today, the trusses have all been replaced. The metal has been temporary taken off and replaced each day due to the rainy season. Tony and Michael have been his helpers.

The walls are being washed down but that is proving to be a very hard task. They are having to scrap the walls with a paint scrapper and then wash them. 





Brian was having a hard time getting the end of the trusses out of the cement that had been put around it (and it had also been tied with wire to the walls to hold it all down secure) 

But you can see that he’s a pretty happy fella and seems to like working in the attic and loves Africa.  However, at the end of his  day, the bed is calling his name pretty loudly!!

Amazing work, Brian.  More pictures tomorrow.




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