Turkeys everywhereIts funny how these things go. First an idea… turns into a dream… share it a little and before you know it your flying to Africa to set up a farm!    Dave’s dream has come alive here and it’s a great curiosity for everyone.

The Turkey farm is up and running!! Our idea of only white birds had to take a backseat to the better idea that if they were born and raised here they are capable of handling the heat.


The Turkey HouseThe birds have all the proper environment, so now it’s time to educate some of the older boys about the life of raising turkeys. Everyone is eager to see this work out. Hopefully Dave will see some birds nesting prior to his return home.

Tomorrow I’ll fill you in on the other agriculture project…



It’s always fun to talk about the kids. This is now a new item in the evening. Reviewing the days pictures and video’s.  The place is roaring with laughter as they see themselves several times!! and remember I mentioned about the great dance video I have… Wow, was that a hit with the kids!!!

Reviewing the next post









Assembly is every day, but Monday and Friday it’s raising and lowing the flag. Again, I have great video… But really folks you need to be here to truly appreciate this Learning Centre.









Speaking of Learning Centre, here are the teachers learning a little something about computers. We were able to bring 5 laptops on this trip. Most will be used in the office administration or for college age kids. But it was a great opportunity to introduce the teachers to the technology. For you teachers at home, try to do everything with no technology (computer, printer, photocopier, smart board…… nothing).  Better yet, if your curious about these teachers I guarantee they are more curious about you. They have asked if there is any way to create a contact bridge between Canadian schools and themselves. Not just for the pupils, but for the teaching staff education as well.

Teaching the Teachers









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