So after 5 weeks, Bethel bid farewell to Cathy. But not before she had planted the traditional tree of having put her hands to the good work there in Kenya.  Cathy will be recovering from a very tiring trip. 

Now with the night before Curtis & Sharayah and Philip leave it seems that there is no power (again) and it’s homework by candle light! (some of our team had flashlights to share) The children will spend several hours each evening doing homework assignments. 






Randy Curtis and Enock talk about the machine that was to have been saving us so much time but the operators of the machine are the problem – so it’s been decided to let them go and keep the local labours who are putting the cement on by hand as they are just as fast as the machine – maybe more so. 



So the roof is ready to have the metal but…..  no metal until Saturday or Sunday.  So in the meantime they have been working on getting the front veranda ready to pour the cement on Friday morning before Curtis and Philip (and Sharayah) take off at noon.

The upstairs is being wired and cemented to make the walls more stable.  There’s going to be a big storm coming, Pastor Chamah said this morning.  It’s the beginning of the start of the wet season and it can really rain when it comes.  

Tony is doing a balancing act on the step ladder getting the wiring done for the upstairs lites.

Continue to pray for the health and the team in general as they still battle with health issues which can become discouraging and difficult. 





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