The Christmas Season is fast approaching and with it our Christmas gift list. Can we offer a suggestion?

Some loved ones on our list have everything and don’t need anymore “stuff”. For some on our list, we buy some little gift to express our regard for them.

So instead of buying a gift just for the sake of buying “something”, would you consider purchasing an article for Bethel Orphanage (eg. School supplies, medicine, library books, etc.) If you purchase an article for Bethel, your recipient receives a Christmas card stating what you have purchased in their honour. Then you receive a tax credit and that person can be crossed off your list. This is much easier than wracking your brain to come up with gift ideas and fighting the crowds at the Mall. Also the children at Bethel will benefit greatly from your gifts. A win-win situation!

You can make a donation of any amount you wish, or choose to ‘purchase’ one of these articles.

$10 will supply one of these….

– One child’s school supplies
– Education for one month (one child’s portion of a teachers salary etc.)

$20 can supply one of…..

– School uniform including shoes and socks
– Sports equipment (soccer balls, skipping ropes, etc.)

$30 can purchase one of…

– A school desk
– Food for one month

$65 can supply Medication for the whole Bethel family for a month

But these are only suggestions….. any donation of any amount would make a world of different at this time of year for these children.

If you are interested, please contact Cathy at


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