IMG_2347You might think, “What’s so special about concrete trucks?”  

Randy has IMG_2352been praying that this time we would be able to get a concrete truck for the big jobs of the foundation and floors and, thankfully, he saw a sign of a concrete company and then right away they saw the vehicle and talked to the person and the “rest is history” as they say.  But not only do they have the truck, they also have a concrete pumper for lifting it up to the 2nd floor!  This is the best news of all!  It will make the job of pouring the 2nd floor so much easier and faster.  Too bad everyone will miss out on the experience this time around but you really only need to have that experience once in a lifetime!

We have two wheelbarrows which we have replaced the wheels on. Nickolas 1  and Nickolas 2 managed the wheelbarrows with the help of one or two other people to help guide and pull it along to the various pile holes. It required wheeling over a 5″ board from one hole to the other.  You will see Millicent-tall and Emily at the hole  dumping in the cement.






It was all hands on deck!  And the children observed from the distance.

IMG_2418Sara and Millicent-short,as we call her ( Millicent-tall works with the men on construction) is still working on trying to get the cutting of metal straight.  Pray that she will be able to get the hang of this as it’s really important.  (PS – she is standing on a stool!)





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