IMG_2303We’d like you to meet Emily (with the yellow head band) who is with us for 3 weeks (though if we could twist IMG_2334her arm we would love to have her longer!)  She was joining in with the younger girls yesterday as they danced and then they followed her as she lead. 




But today she’s put back on her work gloves and she will be found in one of IMG_2335the 12 holes that needed to be dug. She’s one of those hard working girls who we are very proud to have on our team.  Then  in the afternoon when it was at it’s hottest, Emily and Robyn washed walls & ceilings and cupboards in the kitchen area. A big job but well done!


And praise God, we have running water with great pressure!  The break in the line was repaired by a local plumber. After trying to clear the blockage in the plumbing so that the sinks and showers would work upstairs, but failing, Al took a toilet plunger to the shower and some good old duct tape to block the air movement and wola!  It’s running now!








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