Pastor Joel teaching

There were over 100 children involved in the Youth Camp this past December. Pastor Joel Rhoney was teaching on the Bible character, Joseph.

With so many children in attendance, the Kenyan team made the decision to have their own youth camp right at Bethel and invite the community children around to attend as well.

small groups of discussion held for all ages

IMPACT into older students lives…

Branish, Grade 8
Branish writes: I am so grateful for the youth camp. I learnt:

  1. In order to be succeed you must have God.
  2. I should be controlled by the Holy Spirit.
  3. Joseph was engaged in good acts that pleased his Father.
  4. For me to be faithful, I must ask God to fill me with the Holy Spirit.
  5. I should be a person who is willing to do things at any moment.
Maureen Grade 11

Maureen writes: I learnt:

  1. Forgiveness makes people free and also enables God to forgive our sins.
  2. I should always pray first before doing anything.
  3. The Holy Spirit guides us each and every place God wants us to go.
  4. I am more than a conqueror.

Stephen writes: I thank God for the good Youth Camp this year 2018. We had nice speakers who taught us the Word of God. I learnt:
  1. I need to separate myself from negative pressures of the world and keep myself holy as Joseph.
  2. I need to run away from sin.
  3. Drug addiction can shut down my dreams. So I need not to be involved in them.
  4. If I sin, spiritually, I defile the temple of God which is my body.

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