Everyone gets a piece of Sugar Cane as a chewing treat.

Everyone gets a piece of Sugar Cane as a chewing treat.

I’ve been pondering how I will be able to answer all the questions when I return. “How was the trip”, “What’s it like”, “Do you think you made a difference” and the most important comments “I’m thinking of going some time”, or “How can I help”.

I am truly looking forward to every one of these questions, and I’m very eager to take whatever time you have for me so that I can tell you what is on my heart. So, I thought I would use this opportunity to start our dialogue, and I hope to continue it with you when we meet face to face.

Here we go:

“How was the trip”  Awesome, but just saying that already makes it something smaller. There truly are no words to describe what it’s like to move into another country/culture/family and we accepted as if you were missing before you got there. It’s almost like they wanted to say “where have you been” as they greet you for the first time.  Some children and adults are shy, but even the most shy will still walk over to great you. Because it’s important to them that you are here.

“What’s it like” I love this question and if you ask I sure hope you have a lot of time to chat. Let’s start with the location. Kisumu, Kenya is just south of the equator. Temperatures for this trip will range from 25 to 37 and sleeping can be tough as the breeze typically stops sometime over night. But during the day there is almost always a breeze coming off Lake Victoria so finding shade and a reprieve from the heat is not hard. And you’re always sweating so the breeze feels good. Oh ya, did I mention, you’re always sweating!  There is a water line coming into the property, this makes us very very fortunate compared to most places. There is no such thing as a hot water tank, but after the first cool shower you realize there truly is no need for one. Electricity exists but is expensive so we only have very few low watt bulbs, and a few plugs to charge your cell phones and laptops. And the power is not stable so going three days without it is very common, but I should point out, no one here cares. There is no real reliance on electricity. In all of this you always know that you are in the middle of a slum area, the compound is fenced and guarded at all times, but this is not protection from your neighbour, like any community it is protection from those elements that have decided that a life of crime is their survival. But there is no personal danger; the protection is for the property and items that would be stolen.

“Do you think you made a difference”   Just by being here and interacting with these children you make a very big difference. They never forget a visitor so you can imagine how popular Dave is with the kids that were here last year when he was here building the home.  Everyone here enjoys interaction, life here is so simple and basic it’s hard to describe. Sitting and talking is the highest entertainment form there is so just imagine how your undivided attention would be received. You can look outside our range of influence and worry about all the poverty in the city. Or you can look at the impact you are having in the lives of the smiles all around you.  These children already have something that has changed their lives forever, being in this family.

“I’m thinking of going some time” This is an exciting comment, and I have told the children and staff that many more people would like to visit. Everyone here is eager to receive guests. But before you book your flight we need to talk. The place you will sleep in has not been built, and can’t be until enough donations come in. Once it’s build we will be equipped to take in ‘guests’ and you will be integrated with the family for the time you can spend with us.  The early stages of this planning are in place, so maybe your trip here will be to help build it???

“How can I help” Well I’m sure glad you asked.  How about this….  Pray.

Please pray for our Children, the Orphanage and the School and if you find God giving you further instructions then please follow his lead.  Prayer is what has put us in this place at this time.  And only He knows the next steps.  I could carry on about our financial hardship and the need for monthly sponsors, but I’ll leave that between you and God.   But at the end of the day, all the children want is your thoughts and prayers. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Prayer is in everything the children do, so why not join them for a time.

I’ve enjoyed our chat; let’s continue it when we meet again.

Jim Croy


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