It may look like Seth is supervising but he was just taking a breather while Felix was working digging the hole. It was hard work to be sure.


We had two women working on the job as well. Both were hard workers.


Even Pastor Chamah got involved and started swinging the pick!




IMG_1968Teacher Michael who meet first with Joan but was ready to put the teaching & bookkeeping aside for the time being and helped out with the digging. Emily and Michael were tag teaming this hole. 


Even the children, especially the older boys, but also some girls got right into helping.  Here’s Benjamin working away. 

Unfortunately, the workers that we thought were going to be working to dig got turned away at the gate early in the morning. So we wondered all morning as what happened to finally find out mid afternoon. 

But it was a good time for the kids to help and feel apart of the new building.



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