Picture yourself as a baby, a twin actually, traveling in a car with your parents when there is a terrible road accident and your parents and twin are all killed and the car is removed to the police station.  Then from the darkness comes a cry – that of a baby from the car.  Some of the police think it’s the ghost of the baby killed but one of the police men Msays  no that’s the cry of a baby and goes to check.  Five hours after the crash, you are found, somehow having survived that terrible wreckage.   Such was the story that Edith Chamah told of her first few months alive.  As she said, “God had a purpose for me to be alive.  Now I know what that is.”

Ministry is just that – it’s not a job because sometimes you are faced with things that you just don’t want to do – not for all the pay in the world.  But because you want to work and help those children who are in your care, you do real ministry “work”. Like removing jiggers from several of the children’s hands and feet or staying up all night to talk and  assure a young girl who has just witnessed her mother being killed by her step-father.

May was a busy month having both Pastor Martin Chamah and Mrs. Edith Chamah here for the first time in Canada. It was a good time of being able to explain what they do, first hand, ask questions and hear about the work that is taking place there.

We hope that you were informed and blessed by getting to know them and having the opportunity to talk to them.