IMG_2605This morning at 8 am the driver delivered the EPS material.  This is the road IMG_2571coming off the main highway to get to Bethel’s property. It’s not too far that he had to travel into Kotor (our village). There he parked and we started to off load. Everyone got into helping and by 9 we were done.






And our truck

was leaving.







But back at work today, the foundation was finished, plumping pipes were in and we are ready for concrete in the morning. We are ahead from previous building by several days! IMG_2632

And today it rained!!





Jeff Griffin arrived today to start to take pictures and media information for Bethel. We are so thankful for his safe arrival (even though we forgot that today was the day of his arrival!  Sorry Jeff.) But he was resourceful and contacted Lisa at 2 am who was able to get the phone number of Pastor Chamah and within minutes Mrs. Chamah was there to pick him up!   We will do better when Craig arrives this weekend!  He is getting used to the surroundings and I’m sure will have something to share.













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