BarbraHave you ever wondered what it might be like for some of these  children that come to Bethel?  Let me tell you the story of this young girl. Barbra is the oldest of 4 children. When we were building in Jan.2014 they would all come around to check out what was happening and get water from the ditch because it was cleaner than what they could get elsewhere.

brother Maurice


Rihanna sister)

However, one day Mrs. Chamah found Barbra just sitting, during a school day and inquired to find out that one of her brothers had been sick & was in the hospital and Barbra had to stay home with the other two children and take care of the home.  She was only 7 at the time. She had to provide whatever food she could for the three of them and mostly that just came from begging from the neighbors (not an common thing for her).  Sadly, though, her brother died and Mom returned but was unable to support the children.  That’s where Bethel stepped in.  The three children live at home with Mom (who is HIV+) but the three are sponsored by Bethel for their food (breakfast & lunch), clothing, medical needs and educational needs.

Now she is doing well in Grade 2 and both Rihanna and Maurice have sponsors.  They live just outside the Bethel gate in the little village with her family. However, there are several other children who need to be sponsored.  Would you consider helping one of them out?

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