fall supper potatoesTo say “Thank you” to the almost 100 people who helped us do this does not seem to really be enough.  Without the help of each and every one we know it could not have been done.  From the donation of meat to the various food preparations  and that day of setting up, serving, waitressing, and finally the clean up, so many people volunteered their time and energy.
Here we have our two Allan s  manning the potato peeling machine.  What a blessing to have had that!  It peeled 400 lbs of potatoes and we are so thankful to Union Gospel Mission who loaned it to us for the day.
We fed just over 500 people from 3 – 7 pm and people came from both the local community and the city. Some knowing that it was a benefit for Bethel Children’s Home but others just coming because it was another Fall Supper and they try to attend as many as possible!