They’re painting the bedframes and will carry them upstairs and assemble them. 

The plague for the building is now attached and ready for the dedication on Sunday.


Painting is now mostly done. Some touch ups just needed. Hanging doors, install ceiling panels (they’re painted), & the glass still needs to be finished off. The plumber should finish tomorrow. Electrical needs only lights and then some landscaping. 


All the children are getting excited about what is happening. 

Rihanna, pictured on the right 3 years ago, lives just outside the gates in the community with her mother and siblings. They unfortunately don’t always get feed supper so they are often at Bethel for the supper meal as well as breakfast & lunch.  She has grown up a lot in 3 years and she is smiling from the inside out! 




Dave is with George & Job Moses. These boys are sponsored by a group of men who attend a Men’s Breakfast once a month.  Both these boys are in the dance team and take major responsibility around the home.

Sara has Victorine, Joyce and TisTis with her.  These are some of our youngest of the Home; TisTis being only 3 years old. She was locked up and abandoned by her parents after an argument. By the time she was discovered she had been in the house locked up for 8 days. Without food and water – this became a life threatening situation.  When she was brought to Bethel  Children’s Home by the  Children’s Department, it was 50/50 whether she would make it. But you can see that she has survived and now thrives at Bethel.  









These are some of the bougainvillea plants that were planted 2 years ago.  They are growing very well and provide not only beauty but also protection against intruders as they climb the fence.  















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