Everyone is safe and none are hurt.  Thanks be to God.

No one is EVER prepared for a fire.  And it’s not something that we had thought too much about yet we knew that should there ever be one it would be the roof and the contents that would be burnt mostly.  And that’s what happened earlier today our time, 8 pm their time.  All the children were downstairs doing homework or reading when it was noticed that there was a fire on the 2nd floor of the house in the corner room, away from the stairs. There was no power so, as is custom, they were using candles. Yet no one was upstairs at the time.  The fire department said that it was not an electrical fire. The police arrived to protect from any looting and the community came to help with the water before the fire department truck actually arrived. 

All escaped the home and they were able to remove most of the downstairs contents. The girls have now settled downstairs in the Rusty Hostel (the boys dorm) and are attempting to get some sleep.  Come the morning things will be assessed. From our understanding so far the downstairs and the stairs to the 2nd floor are fine. 

Robyn was able to send a few pictures of the 2nd floor as it burnt.  Further updates will come as we know of them.  

What can you do?  We would like to have 2-3 men who know how to build trusses and do metal roofing leaving this weekend if possible or early next week.   If you have the available time and are able to do this, please phone either Don Kroeker – 204-793-6605 or Joan Porcher – 204-461-0816. 










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