IMG_1615Mondays and Fridays are days when the Kenyan flag is raised and lowered. There are about 175 in school. 

IMG_2050-23-01-17-02-34The hard core has been split (Pastor Chamah working along side) and the rebar in the forms and ground banked up ready for cement but now we wait until the truck comes.  Sara’s working on the windows and the flaked paint has been scrapped off the walls ready for new paint. It’s hard to sit and wait….IMG_2063-23-01-17-02-32

So we had to wait for 1 1/2 hr until the cement actually arrived at 3:30. But the truck came minus the extra shutes that we had asked for and all 8 meters came all in one truck.  Fortunately, our guys had made a wooden chute and we had a few used metal sheets that the concrete flowed to where it was shovelled into pails and then carried and dumped into the forms.  But it’s done!


The three amigoes!  These were the hardworking girls but Janet even had her hands right into the cement to make it level and smooth before it got too hard & Cathy was leveling as well. 


And to close off the day, Janet served spaghetti with hamburger & beans and coleslaw.  It’s to be noted that Emily has become fully immersed into the Kenyan culture and is now eating with her fingers very successfully!  Way to go Emily!




















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