Dear Friends,

It is 12 noon and I have to apologize for those who follow this daily. Yesterday got away on me and already it’s almost your morning.  Today we have 28 C with  57% humidity so sitting in the house and doing this blog means that the sweat is breaking out and I have a cloth under my arms while I type to stop the sweat on the plastic table cloth!  In all things we need to give thanks – that was our daily devotional given to us by one of the students – Sharon who is helping us out here.  Thankful for all things – the breath we intake, the food we eat and the house we live in.

Frank, the contractor that we are working under, came to the site this morning saying ” I was lost but now I’m found” and the song that came to mind immediately was “I found Jesus!”  I don’t know if he is a believer or not but he does know what we believe and stand for.

Now – what’s happening….    here is a picture of the mixing station as it sits in front of the house. Sharon is making ugali (which is corn meal flour and water boiled) for the men for lunch yesterday.  It was hard to find a stop that was dry and dry wood so she settled for David’s “office” – where he does his welding!

Remember the dumped sand – well we hired 4 additional men to wheelbarrow it but it was extremely hard and by the end of the day one pile was removed to the mixer.