Not all of Thursday’s info get posted so as Paul Harvey would say … “Here is the rest of the story”  We started to dig the outdoor latrine and even Sharon got involved in the digging! There was lots of loud joking and talking between Sharon and David – wish we knew what they were talking about. Even Robert was chuckling about the conversation!  He is our assistant with the local helpers.

Thursday also found some of us struggling with scabies, gout, jet-lag, possible reaction to the yellow fever shots and stomach cramps.  But the good news is that the rest of us are all healthy and working at not being discouraged!

Friday found us:


Boiling the laundry/bedding of some in huge pots and then continuing to dig the latrine.  (It looks like the tomb of Christ and if any of us take a wrong step, we will end up 6′ in the ground).  It was a slower day as the  guys started to straighten out the rebar and cut them to the lengths required ready for the next step. We meet with Moses who is a world class expert in solar power who attends the Bandani church and he teaches at the local college. He has gone to Norway to represent Kenya for solar energy.  He has calculated the total cost of solar power for the home would be about  $3500.00  so we are considering installing that.  It’s amazing who God brings along into our paths to help us with this building.

We have been invited to attend Esther’s dowry party on Saturday afternoon and then to go up to Pastor Vitalis’s home for the weekend – returning Sunday.  So there may not be any updates until Sunday evening if the internet is not available.  Pray that we will have a well deserved rest on the weekend.  As of Monday, we will be starting to erect the walls and then the 2nd floor. Pray also for our health that we would all have renewed strength.  Thanks.

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