Here you see our “plumbing chase” where we have everything very tight and together to save on the amount of materials and ease of plumbing.  We have a gentleman, Gilbert, who comes when we call to help us and bring us the supplies.

Today we had a cement mixer on hand and started the day with the guys following Brad’s orders:  one pail of cement, 3 pails of sand and 5 pails of stone…  We finally got the mixing going just right and  before 3:30 we were finished and cleaning up. It was a long, hot, and frustrating day but one that is behind us.

Jack was helping put the cement and sand into the mixer after Brad said that he couldn’t lift any more of those heavy 20L pails of sand.  Now we know what he will look like when he is our age!!

A Moment from Randy’s point of view:   I find that communication is hard. We can speak English but not convey the right concept.  The wheeling of the wheelbarrows is really hard to do with solid rubber tires. One man is in front and the other is pulling with a rope attached.  I miss the simple tools like the concrete rake and bull-float that would make the job so much easier. But this is good practise for the upper floor.  We find that the workers are very eager to put the pails into the mixer just to keep things rolling – no matter what the  count of sand or gravel!  Just keep adding and keep things going!  We have a local guy who lives on the church property that is going to start working with us on Monday so that we have someone who is knowledgeable about concrete.   (Randy)

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