Well, we started on a great note, ready to pour concrete this afternoon.  There is an Asian merchant of sand and stone who used to live as a neighbour to the orphanage previously and he has offered to donate to us one load of sand, one load of 3/4 stone and 2 days use of his diesel cement mixer!  He felt sorry for the problem that they had encountered at the previous place. Thinking that we were on track we had things already to go until the local contractor  who we are working under his licence arrived to say that we need 182 more stirrups in the foundational steel compared to what we had!!  (Not sure if we are making a bridge or a house footing.)

Needless to say, this took the wind out of our sails but we started at the task and now at 6:36 pm we are almost complete and ready to pour tomorrow, God willing.  Discouraged but not defeated.

Here you see the guy actually building the stirrups after we had cut the rebar into the proper lengths. David was welding the window frames. His boss requires him to come to work in the mornings and then he is free in the afternoons. Though you can’t see it, Dave and Chase are make tie wire to tie the rebar together. The stuff Randy brought is already used up and now we make our own.  All things that more time here.


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