“And can it be that I…… (should gain)”  This song jumped into my head but not the finish just the amount of time that is left over. We have only 2 1/2 more weeks before we are scheduled to leave.  We understand that Manitoba is experiencing the worst of winters right now and will consider the possibility of adding one more week as spring is NOT just around the corner by any means!

Well today was another milestone – we started the walls of the 2nd floor. By the end of the first day 3/4 of the upstairs walls were up – not completely tied by any means yet but standing. Now in the evening breeze Randy is standing looking to see if he needs to add bracing.  We will be praying for gentle breezes this evening and night – with no rain storm.

Here is our home made ladder that Jack was on earlier to try to tie the panels together.  We were hoping to have some scaffolding come maybe today.  We will hope for tomorrow.  This is African time.  We had the opportunity to visit a school that had 760 children attending.  Here are two little guys that are best friends!

We also welcomed Craig Ozirney to our group this evening.  It was really nice to see him as he exited the arrival gate at the Kisumu airport. We will give him a night of rest and then start him working tomorrow!!! – or maybe  we will give him Monday to adjust.

Please continue to pray for our work  here so that we will complete it by the scheduled time.  Thank you.

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