Good morning all, yesterday was even better than the day before.

Y T - games 2The weather was a definite help with getting the children to be active and playing games.
Beside football,(soccer) the game of the day was Musical Chairs which was completely hilarious and high energy.
We thought Canada was competitive, but we have another thing coming.
YT - gamesFor Musical Chairs we broke the children up into their colour teams, then in half from there.
Red of course taking the win again, Pink coming in second and finally Gold collected a point! In games, the boys had a run for the money because the girls really know how to fight for that chair, especially Carol, who took the Musical Chairs Championship for team Red.
All the high energy was caused by our increase in children, yesterday we had 86 and today we had 96.
Maybe tomorrow we will have 106? Time will tell.
Goodbye for now,
Pray for blessed times and good memories to create.
Rae, Jasmyn and Joskey.
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