Apologizes that our journal entry is late but we have been travelling back home.
The final day of the Crusade was definitely one for the books.. There was one woman who was “not herself” that night, which caused her to have six pastors praying over her, one being Momma Joskey. We are continuing to pray for her and whatever she is going through.
On a happier note the crowd was massive!! Sad that I do not have photos uploaded to show you, as I said we are airport hopping.
It is crazy to think that a person’s idea to have a crusade can and will change hundreds of lives.
This journal is bittersweet because not only is it the final one of the Crusade, it is the final one of our trip. Hard to believe two weeks have gone by so fast, even though we don’t want to, we have to face the fact we are no longer in Kenya. It was an amazing trip that will forever be in our hearts.
Thank you to everyone who read our journal entries and prayed for us! Trust me the prayers worked, we had great times with the children and no one was injured or fell ill.
Once again thank you.
The final adios,
Love the Three Amigos.
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