Hi !  This is Cathy here.

We finally arrived in Kisumu Saturday afternoon after 18 hours of flying and 18 1/2 hrs of layovers.  We have both decided we aren’t as young as we once were – we were tired!

We were warmly welcomed by Pastor & Mrs. Chamah, their son Joskey, staff and all the children. As days go by we’ll introduce you to this large family. There are a lot of names to learn!

My first impression is one of general calmness and organization. The children are happy, lovable and well behaved.  Although there is structure, it is not rigid.  There is a general warmth and co-operation among everyone. They love to have their picture taken!!  As soon as I come around with a camera I am swarmed.

We will be making contact with you on a daily basis, hopefully.


Monday June 12

Sorry we are so slow to start in keeping you updated but it seems many things all need done at the same time and then it’s bedtime.

Monday morning saw Bethel Learning Centre open with 102 children!  Everyone was excited and all the teachers and ourselves are busy finishing paperwork and organizing supplies, etc.

Next post, meet some of the children!

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