IMG_1155Since we’ve been here one of our roles has been to get all the necessary forms ready for Bethel Home and Bethel Learning Centre – job descriptions, performance appriaisals, code of regulations, leave of absence forms, employment forms, etc….  I don’t think either of us knew how mnay forms were needed!!!  We finally think we have tackled most of them.  Joan is busy typing exams at the moment.  I’d warned Joan that I was USELESS  with computers, so thankfully I like to proof-ready and compile ideas to formulate documents.

We were going to have a break today IMG_1147 off the compound – lunch and a visit to the market to check out souvenirs.  Our plans were changed when the agent from  Aqua Clara International called to say he’d be here sometime today.  He arrived with 3 BioSand filters that will provide 40-60L of clean water per barrel per day. This sytem is effiencet for 10 years. The represnetative met with the Bethel Home stafff to instruct them in the use and maintance.  We can’t start using it for 20 days until it’s ready at that time.Pollet 2015 (2) You can see the staff paying close attention and this is the sand – black in colour that comes from Nakuru – between Kisumu and Nairobi.

Here we have Pollet. I call her one of the Three Musketeers along with Carol and Branish. She is 7 years old and in Grade 3.  She is very serious and studious. Her last term marks were 468/500!  She knows nothing about her father and her mother had left her in the care of her grandmother who could not support her. Pollet is a very  feminine girl and loves to wear her black skirt that is tulle (netting). She has no sponsor yet….   Would you have a soft spot in your heart for her??


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